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Institutional flexibility in the study plan

Posted: 11.03.2012
Adult students in basic education often show different levels in subject skills. They can be excellent in English, ready for higher education, but basic in the other subjects.The adult institutions of higher education experiences the same. Students lack skills in maths, there they are on basic level, but higher in the rest. Barriers of formal art between the two institutions can make the flexibility in study plans difficult.
How can cooperation between the institutions make the studies more adapted and flexible for the students?
who have some good results to show ?
who have the same thoughts and considerations?
Should we form a network to give each other feedback and advise and share our efforts ?.
Type: Adult learning
Activity: Network
Nordplus Programme: Nordplus Adult
Type of partner/expertise sought: administrators of adult education, both basic and higher.

Institution / Organization Information

Name: Enhet for voksenopplæring
Address: 7004 Trondheim
Country: Norway

Contact person information

Name: Reidun Grasmo
Telephone: 004795883559