10.5 million euros for the projects of 2014


For this years’ application round 395 of the 645 grant applications were approved by the Nordplus board.

Across the five programs the general approval rate has been high - on average slightly above 60%. The awarded grants amount to a grand total of 10.5 million euros which will fund planned and joint activities for no less than 2.834 organisations involved in Nordplus projects and mobility.

For 2014 the total number of applications is a little above last year’s, and generally above the average of the past four years. Specifically this means that: Nordplus Junior and Nordplus Higher Education are on par with the amount in 2013, Nordplus Horizontal has experienced a decrease in applications since last year, but is still above the average for the previous four years, whereas the Nordplus Adult and Nordplus Nordic Languages are noticably above both last year and the averages for the period.

All applicants for this year’s round of application have been given a notification about their application and beneficiaries are in the process of entering contracts with the respective program offices.

Further information about approved projects can be found in the our new project database here on nordplusonline.org. This new database lets you find and filter projects according to partnering countries, year, Nordplus programme and participating institutions. If you are seeking inspiration to next years’ application round this and previous years’ projects are available now.

You can find the granted Nordplus projects of 2014 here