Contact seminar for Nordplus Nordic Languages

A contact seminar for everyone working within the field of Nordic Languages and minority languages in the Nordic Region, will be held in Hveragerði, Iceland, 18-20 September 2023.  

For whom 

For staff of institutions and organisations in the field of Nordic Languages in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and in the field of minority languages in the Nordic Region. These can be teachers and staff, headmasters and management in preschools, primary and secondary schools, adult education institutions, universities and research institutions, organisations and associations, NGO´s and other informal learning arenas, Networks and privare companies.  

About the seminar 

Can more material methods and strategies for improving comprehension of the Nordic Languages be created and promoted? And how can we revitalise national minority languages in the Nordic Region? Seminar workshops will focus on new initiatives for Nordic Language comprehension and about the work with national minority languages but future collaborations can revolve around other themes as well. In the contact seminar you will meet Nordic and Baltic colleagues and share and discuss experiences and challenges. You will get the opportunity to network and discuss future collaborations for a partnership within Nordplus Nordic Languages. The contact seminar will be in Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian), with English translation provided if requested.

Have a concrete project idea 

In order to get the most out of the contact seminar you should have one or several ideas for collaboration projects/themes. An ambition to apply for a project in Nordplus Nordic Languages is fundamental when you register your interest in participating in the seminar. 

If you are accepted 

If you are accepted, you will receive more specific instructions by e-mail approximately one month before the contact seminar takes place. The cost for the seminar and accommodation will be paid by Nordplus Nordic Languages and are free of charge. If you are accepted to the seminar you will also receive support for travel costs. More information on how the travels will be booked will be provided after you are accepted to the seminar. Please do not book anything before you have received information and confirmation on doing so from us.  


The seminar holds 50 seats totally. Each Nordplus country has a set number of reserved seats, so do not wait to apply. We strive for a geographical spread in the selection. However, all seats will be filled if vacancies occur. The application closes 30 april 2023.

You follow this link to apply: Registration form

We look forward to receiving your application!