We were surprised at how well it went

The pandemic forced the organisers of a Nordplus project to rethink. Rather than an intensive week of in-person attendance, the work moved online. As compensation, all the participants were invited to Norway for a weekend full of social activities and visits to businesses. It was a big success.

By Joan Rask, journalist

A groundbreaking experience. That is how Elisabeth Katballe describes the Nordplus project, “Circular Economy – Food and Agriculture”, that she was a part of in 2021, along with other young people from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Here, the pandemic had forced them to come up with new solutions, since it was impossible to meet in person across nations in the first half of 2021. An intensive weekend was put together in August where the young students got to visit, among other things, a regenerative farm in Telemarken.

Sustainability – a gift or the complete opposite?

”We got to see everything and participate actively in the teaching, and we could put questions directly to the owners. It was really great and even the teachers seemed more engaged when they were walking around with us to see the vegetables. It made so much sense,” she says.