The Nordplus Programme offers financial support between partners in the area of lifelong learning from the eight participating countries and three autonomous regions in the Baltic and Nordic area.

Main objectives of Nordplus 2018-2022:

The programme serves as a tool:

  • To strengthen and develop Nordic educational cooperation and contribute to the establishment of a Nordic-Baltic educational region
  • To support, develop, draw benefit from and disseminate innovative products and processes in education through the systematic exchange of experiences and best practice
  • To contribute to the development of quality and innovation in the educational systems for lifelong learning in the participating countries by means of educational cooperation, as well as cooperating with workplaces, about development projects, exchanges and building of networks
  • To promote Nordic languages and culture, as well as mutual Nordic-Baltic linguistic and cultural understanding
  • Strengthen the language comprehension for the Nordic languages, especially among children and youth, primarily for Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
  • Encourage the interest in, knowledge of, and understanding of the Nordic languages.

Target Groups

Nordplus is aimed at all educational sectors and organisations and institutions involved in learning and education. Only institutions or organisations can apply in Nordplus - you can not apply as an individual.

Only applicants from the Nordic countries - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - and the autonomous regions of Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which act as independent countries in Nordplus, are eligible for grants. Institutions placed outside the Nordic and Baltic countries are not eligible for funding from the programme but can participate in Nordplus projects if they cover their own expenses.

You can read more about who is eligible for applying in the sub-programmes:

Nordplus conisists of the following sub-programmes:

The total yearly Nordplus budget is approximately 9.3 million EURO.