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Nordplus præsentation - Let's talk about Nordplus

All about Nordplus - meet all 5 programmes and their main administrators - plus Sini Keinonen, Senior Adviser at the Nordic Council of Ministers and Eva Einarsdòttir, Nordplus PR and Communication Manager.

Educational cooperation has always been a core activity in the Nordic Countries and Nordplus is one of the largest founding programmes within the Nordic Council of Ministers. Get ready to apply for founding. Watch the video, visit the website and you are on your way.

Let's TALK about Nordplus (6 minutes)

All about Nordplus - the quick view (1 minute)

Lets TALK about Nordplus (1 minute).

Nordplus Program: Nordic Languages

Seek founding at Nordplus and work dedicated with projects were the Nordic languages are the focus. Meet Eydís Inga Valsdóttir, main administrator Nordplus Nordic Languages and repræsentatives from projects.

The purpose of the Nordplus Nordic Languages programme is to support interest for the Nordic languages - both in the Nordic Countries and in the Baltic Countries.

Nordplus Nordic Languages - Learn about the program, watch examples and receive good advice when you are working with your application.

Nordplus Program: Nordic Languages - The quick view (1 minute)

Nordplus Program: Nordic Languages - the quick view (1 min.)