The Nordic Council of Ministers agreed in 2019 on a new, green, competitive and socially sustainable vision for the Nordic region before 2030. The intention is for the region to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. The Council of Ministers has clearly stated that all work done within the framework of Nordic cooperation must contribute to achieving this vision.

The three main pillars of this vision are as follows:

  • A green Nordic region – together, we will promote a green transition of our societies and work towards carbon neutrality, sustainability and a bio-based economy.
  • A competitive Nordic region – together, we will promote green growth in the Nordic region based on knowledge, innovation, mobility and digital integration.
  • A socially sustainable Nordic region – together, we will promote an inclusive, egalitarian and interconnected region with shared values.

Nordplus has played an important role in contributing to the enhancement of quality education on sustainable development at all levels of education by supporting collaboration between institutions on these issue.

In 2023 and 2024, Nordplus welcomes applications for the programme under the theme “Enhancing Educational Cooperation for a Socially Sustainable Future”. The Nordplus highlight relates to all Nordplus programmes and to all sectors within the field of education and training. The concept of „social sustainability“ entails all aspects of the issue from for example health equity and human rights to cultural competence and community resilience. Integrated with this theme is also the Nordic competitiveness based on knowledge, innovation, mobility, and digital integration.

In 2024 Nordplus will organise a thematic seminar with the theme ,,Nordic Green Future”.

All these projects will be invited to participate in the seminar. Following the seminar one of the projects will be selected as the best Nordplus green project.