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Need a kickstart?

A step-by-step introduction to the application process, so you will easily find all you need.

Project idea

A good application needs to be based on a good project idea. To find inspiration for a project idea, you can try:

  • Reading about other projects  – get inspired by reading about what others have accomplished!
  • Discussing with the head of your institution and your colleagues: What kind of challenges would you like an international approach to?
  • Talking to others who have participated in projects. Participating at national and international conferences is a good way to meet people with project experience, and maybe also a future project partner?

Find a partner

Nordplus cooperation requires partners from other Nordic or Baltic countries. Here are some leads to finding international cooperation partners:

Nordplus partner search -The Partner Search is currently under construction but will operating soon. If you have any questions, please contact your Nordplus national agency.

  • International seminars and conferences
  • Preparatory visits
  • The international network of your own institution
  • Trade organisations or professional organisations
  • Twin towns or cooperation regions

Explore the opportunities within the Nordplus programme

To find out which possibilities the Nordplus programme has to offer, we recommend having a look at the project articles showing examples of projects that have received support.

The Nordplus handbook will provide you with the objectives and regulations of the Nordplus programme.

You may also contact your national Nordplus office for guidance. The national Nordplus offices also provide information meetings.

Write an application

All applications must be submitted electronically through Espresso, the Nordplus application and reporting tool. You’ll find information about the regulations of each Nordplus sub programme in the handbook. Tips and advice on how to write a good application can be found here.

Applications for projects and networks must have an attached budget. We recommend having a look at the Nordplus budget model.

Allocation of grants

Applicants can expect an answer within 3 months after the deadline (for the autumn application rounds, results can be expected within approximately 6 weeks). The programme administration offices will send information about results to all applicants.

The results will also be published at


Nordplus in numbers

A quick look at our statistics for 2021
  • 331
    Total no of applications in 2021
  • 256
    Total of applications granted in 2021
  • 2.254
    Total no of organisations who applied
  • 8.548.234
    Total amount granted in €