Application Rounds

Deadline for applications: 1 February every year

Each year, Nordplus calls for applications for all its sub-programmes in all participating countries. The call for applications provides information about the possibilities for applying for funding from the various sub-programmes. The main deadline is 1 February, and the call for applications is announced 3 months before this date. Applicants receive an answer approximately three months after the application deadline.

Application deadline for preparatory visits is in October every year

Nordplus Junior, Adult and Nordic Languages have an additional round of applications for preparatory activities with a deadline of 1 October. For the October application round, applicants receive an answer approximately 6 weeks after application deadline.

The deadline for applying is before midnight – 23:59 CET. If the deadline falls on a Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is moved to the next working day.

All Nordplus applicants – regardless of which participating country they come from or which activities they seek funding for – must submit their application electronically through the Espresso application system. See more at