The general objectives for Nordplus 2018-2022 are to:

  • strengthen and develop Nordic co-operation on education, including early childhood and care, and help to create a Nordic-Baltic educational area;
  • support, build on, reap the benefits of and promote innovative products and processes in education through the systematic exchange of experiences and good practice;
  • contribute to the development of quality and innovation in the educational systems for lifelong learning in the participating Nordplus countries through co-operation in education and training, as well as co-operation with the labour market on development projects, exchange programmes and networking;
  • promote Nordic language and culture and mutual Nordic-Baltic linguistic and cultural understanding;
  • improve inter-Nordic language comprehension (primarily between Danish, Swedish and Norwegian), especially among children and young people;
  • stimulate interest in and knowledge and understanding of the languages of the Nordic countries essential to society (Danish, Finnish, Faroese, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Norwegian, Sami and Swedish) and Nordic sign language.

Nordplus Highlight in 2019 & 2020

Nordplus welcomes applications that strengthen digital competences and computational thinking for pupils, students and adults across all sectors.

Nordplus Highlight relates to all Nordplus subprogrammes - learn more at: www.nordplusonline.org

Nordplus Highlight specifies an up-to-date theme which becomes the focus for a two-year period and relates to all Nordplus subprogrammes. Nordplus is open for applications with other topics or themes than the current Nordplus Highlight. These applications are assessed on an equal footing with applications within Nordplus Highlight.