Reading Guide

Welcome to the Nordplus handbook. The handbook is a guide to you as an applicant and describes who can apply, what you can apply for, and how to apply. It provides information about Nordplus in general and about the five different sub-programmes.

The first part of the handbook is a brief introduction to Nordplus, providing a quick overview of the programmes, objectives, target groups and activities. Here you can also find practical information about the application rounds and where to seek further advice and guidance.

After the introduction you will find a chapter for each of the five sub-programmes in Nordplus with information about the characteristics and objectives of the sub-programme, its target groups, activities, finances, and funding.

The chapter General information about applying provides information about the application process, the assessment of applications and reporting of completed projects. The chapter contains guidelines and detailed information about the evaluation criteria and on the reporting once a project is completed. There is also a checklist to help you fill in the application electronically when using the Espresso application system.

At the end of the handbook, you will find a list of contact details – addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites for each Nordplus office in the eleven countries participating in Nordplus.