Target Groups for the Programme

Nordplus Adult comprises a broad and diverse sector and is open to all types of organisations engaged in the field of adult learning in the eight participating countries and the three autonomous regions.

Examples organisation and institution types that can apply Nordplus Adult are:

  • Educational institutions, including institutions with adult educator/ mentor programmes, institutions involved in special needs education for adults and research-based institutions with experience and expertise in adult learning
  • Other organisations, including associations, public authorities, businesses, cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations working with adult education and adult learning in informal and non-formal settings.

Although Nordplus Adult is not limited to established educational institutions, the initiative must address education and learning directed at “adult learners”. For example, continuing vocational training is covered by the programme, whereas projects involving basic vocational education and training (VET) must apply the Nordplus Junior programme.

More information about target groups and specific requirements can be found in the descriptions of the individual activities in the programme.