Target Groups for the Programme

Nordplus Higher Education's target groups are students studying for a degree on bachelor or master level, academic and other staff in HEIs and other actors working with or having a strong interest within higher education.

The collaboration can be established in two ways:

  • As a network. The most common way to organise the collaboration in the programme is by networking. A network is usually thematic or subject specific and aims at long term collaboration on a wide range of different activities.
  • As a project partnership. This form of collaboration is time limited and focuses on a specific task - a project - with a specific outcome.

The minimum requirement for a network and project partnership is that they consist of at least three institutions from three different countries. Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland are regarded as countries in the programme.

As an exception, if the application consists only of mobility activities, a bilateral collaboration with a sending and a hosting institution can be eligible. A coordinating institution must be appointed as responsible for the application and the financing granted for the entire contract period. The coordinating institution is thus also responsible for the final report on behalf of all the network/project partnership. Only a HEI that is recognised by national authorities can act as a coordinator. If the network/project partnership includes organisations other than HEIs, there must be at least two HEIs participating from two different countries.