Target Groups for the Programme

Nordplus Horizontal is aimed at institutions and organisations in the eight participating countries and the three autonomous regions that mainly work in the education and lifelong learning sectors. A Nordplus Horizontal application for project and network activities must involve partners from at least two sectors. They may be sectors within the education system, e.g. partnerships between institutions in higher education and schools (pre-schools and kindergartens as well), or between organisations, institutions and businesses across the public, private and/or voluntary sectors, provided that the project applied for is an education partnership.

The activities should involve a minimum of three partners from three different participating countries. Applications may also include participants from countries outside the Nordic /Baltic countries that are deemed relevant by the network or by the project partners. However, expenses for partners from outside the Nordplus countries are not eligible for financial support.

The programme does not offer support for individual mobility, be it pupils, students, teachers or staff, unless such mobility is linked to project and network activities. To qualify for a grant, therefore, mobility activities must be linked to a project or network.