Introduction to Nordplus Nordic Languages

Nordplus Nordic Languages provides grants to institutions and organisations in the field of Nordic languages in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The programme is aimed at all levels of education and is open for institutions, organisations and actors interested in working with or, promoting the Nordic language.

Nordplus Nordic Languages should stimulate interest in, and knowledge and understanding of the languages of the Nordic countries essential to society which are Danish, Finnish, Faroese, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Norwegian, Sami, Swedish, Nordic sign language and official minority languages in the Nordic countries.

In particular, the programme puts focus on activities that improve language comprehension of the Nordic languages among children and young people, primarily Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. The programme places a strong emphasis on projects that seek to develop materials, methods, and strategies for improving comprehension of the Nordic languages within the educational system.

Other thematic areas and activities covered by the programme include methods of teaching neighbouring languages in schools, development of teaching plans for Nordic languages in the school systems, second language learning in adult education, language technology projects, development and publication of learning and teaching materials, and other activities that focus on improving educational and didactical methods in relation to the Nordic languages.

Nordplus Nordic Languages only supports activities that aim to improve the comprehension of another Nordic language than the Nordic mother tongue of a given target group. However, Nordplus Nordic Languages also supports projects aimed at language learning of Nordic languages for new inhabitants of the Nordic countries, e.g. immigrants and refugees. The programme also supports projects that aim to revitalise national minority languages in the Nordic Region.

Applications may be written in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English.