Target Groups for the Programme

All Nordic and Baltic countries are eligible to apply. In order to receive a Nordplus Junior grant all activities must take place in one or more of the eight participating countries or in the autonomous regions of Aland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

The target groups of Nordplus Junior are pupils, teachers and other pedagogical staff in:

  • Kindergarten/preschools (for children from 1 years and older)
  • Primary schools
  • Lower and upper secondary schools (general and vocational)
  • Vocational schools/apprentice programmes
  • Culture schools with a national or regional curriculum in their home country
  • Organisations and institutions working with or having strong interests in the area of school education, e.g. Departments for Education. However, these may only participate as partners.

Coordinator or partner

All projects must appoint a coordinating institution which will be responsible for the application and the granted funds for the duration of the contract period.

Only schools within the formal education systems and kindergartens/pre-schools, public or private, can act as coordinators. Culture schools with a national or regional curriculum in their home country can also be coordinators. Each national office decides if a culture school is eligible as coordinator. Other types of organisations/institutions may participate as partners. Please contact your national programme office for more information.

All projects must be based on mutual agreements between the participating institutions, both coordinators and partners. In order for the application to be eligible, these agreements (Letters of Intent), must be duly signed and attached to the application prior to the deadline.

A coordinator may submit more than one application in the same application round - it is the project's quality which determines whether funds will be granted.