A successful Nordplus meeting in  Greenland

The Nordplus administrators had their annual meeting in Nuuk in Greenland 12-15 June 2023. Usually, the administrators meet in Copenhagen, but this time it was decided to meet in Nuuk. This was the first Nordplus administrative meeting held in Greenland, which was in line with Iceland‘s main coordinator‘s objective to increase Nordplus ties with Greenland, and in particular strengthen the tie to Greenland‘s Nordplus info-point, NAPA.

The Nordplus administrators held an open meeting for potential applicants at the Culture House in Nuuk. In addition, a digital meeting for interested parties in communities in East and West Greenland was organized. The Nordplus-administrators also met representatives from the Government of Greenland, the Department for Education, Culture, Sport and Church. The meetings gave the administrators a better insight into the Greenlandic education system and a better understanding of opportunities and challenges for Greenlandic participants in international projects. The programme also included a very interesting visit to the primary school Atuarfik Hans Lynge focusing on the international activities of the school.

The Nordplus administration would like to thank NAPA for the varm welcome and hospitality. A warm thank also to Mr. Geir Oddsson, the Icelandic consul to Greenland, who hosted an event with some Greenlandic guests to honour our visit.

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Nordplus administrators: Malene Birgitte Sejberg Rickmann, Frank Krohn and Susanne Larsson