Extension of Nordplus Covid19 rules

As the Covid19 epidemic has not completely subsided in the Nordplus member countries, the Nordplus administration has decided that special exceptions to the Nordplus rules will continue to apply to projects approved now in 2021.

This means that:
• The projects can change “regular mobilities” for , “digital/virtual mobilities”.
• Approved funding for “digital/virtual activities” can be used for direct costs such as IT-support service or to purchase needed hardware and/or software or indirect costs such as training for participants.
• In collaboration projects: Costs linked to on-line meetings replacing planned physical meetings in cooperation projects will normally be accepted.
• Beneficiaries with open grant agreements will also have the option of extending the project period to be able to carry out postponed activities.
• In special cases the “force majeure” rule can be implemented.

For more detailed information and approval of changes please consult the individual main administrators of the five sub-programmes.