How can we strengthen understanding amongst the Nordic Languages?

Nordic languages was the focal point of a conference held in Hveragerði on 18 – 20 September, organised by Nordplus, the Nordic Council of Minsters‘ programme in the area of lifelong learning.

Representatives from various Nordic language schools and centres as well as those that focus on research and promotion of minority languages in the Nordic countries have come together with the goal of working towards cooperation on future projects across Nordic and Baltic borders.

Workshops and presentations at the conference aim to encourage new possible ways of strengthening and improving understanding between the Nordic languages. The conference also aims to promote cooperation amongst colleagues to support and develop new techniques and increase innovation for projects concerned with creating an understanding between the Nordic languages.

How can we promote and support minority languages in the Nordic countries?

The conference aimed to highlight minority languages. Nordplus‘ Nordic languages programme has been open to projects that promote and work on the conservation of official minority languages in the Nordic countries since 2023. As such, the conference is a new opportunity to exchange experience, ideas and strengthen collaboration in this area.

The main goal we wished to achieve over the duration of the contact seminar, is to create future projects in the area of Nordic languages as well as give support to a blossoming landscape of languages in the Nordic countries. This exciting event, which was held in Scandinavian, is just one step in the right direction of securing the future of the Nordic languages as well as the conservation of official minority languages.

Around 60 participants from a large array of universities, secondary schools, primary schools, pre-schools, municipalities, organisations, and research centres from all of the Nordic and Baltic countries participated in promoting collaboration in Hveragerði.

For more information please contact:

Eydís Inga Valsdóttir
Main administrator of the Nordplus Nordic Language, Rannís – The Icelandic Centre for research


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