Integration in Education

In 2017-2018 Nordplus encourages applications aiming at integration of refugees and immigrants in education and training within all sectors and for all Nordplus programmes.

In 2017-2018 Nordplus encourages applications aiming at education and training for refugees and immigrants within all sectors and for all Nordplus programmes.

The current situation with refugees and immigration puts new demands on the Nordic countries and societies. Educational systems within all sectors are faced with challenges on how to respond properly and adequately to these changes in student and learner populations. The challenge is not only a matter of access to quality education, but also a question of social inclusion of these new citizens. Many teachers and educators are not necessarily equipped to work with learners from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds with wide-ranging learning needs and varying abilities. And they are in urgent need of professional support and practical tools on how to deal with these issues.

Please note that applications aimed at refugees and immigrants do not have priority and that initiatives on other themes and target groups  are welcome in Nordplus. 

What could be addressed under this theme?

The theme can be addressed in many different ways and it is up to each institution or organisation to decide on the particular take on the theme according to their sector and needs. Here are just a few of the issues and topics that could be picked up by Nordplus projects:

  • Differentiated and experimental learning environments
  • Competency-based learning models
  • Praxis-oriented education
  • Guidance/coaching and mentoring
  • Teaching assistants and two-teacher systems
  • Retention and early warning systems
  • Mother tongue-teaching
  • Integrated and inclusive approaches in pedagogy
  • Transitions between levels and types of education and training (from education/training to the world of work; and/or from one employment to another)
  • Induction processes for newly-arrived
  • Competence assessment and validation of prior learning

Examples of granted projects for inspiration

Here you can find examples of granted Nordplus projects addressing the theme of integration: