Language teachers enhance skills through Nordplus language project

Nordplus Nordic languages is announcing an extraordinary application round with deadline October 1, 2015

In a Nordplus project four Nordic schools come together to learn more about Nordic languages and Nordic language understanding to strengthen education within Danish and Swedish. The project has been subsidized by the Nordplus Nordic Languages – now announcing an extraordinary application round with deadline October 1, 2015.

The project 'Literature - the road to the North' is just one of 18 projects with grants from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ education program Nordplus. The project works with networking and sharing knowledge about Nordic languages and Nordic language understanding. In 2014 the project received a grant from Nordplus Nordic Languages and with the one of the goals being to strengthen the teaching skills of language teachers in primary schools, using IT in education.

In another Nordplus project four universities in Estonia, Finland and Sweden bridge cultural differences through the Swedish language. The project is called 'Three digital bridges over the Baltic Sea' and provides among other things the students the opportunity to develop their cultural skills and Nordic language understanding.

Nordic and Baltic educational institutions and organizations will now have an extraordinary opportunity to realize languages projects in 2015. Nordplus Nordic Languages holds a second round of applications for funding for Nordic language projects. The application deadline October 1, 2015.

Grants for networking and knowledge sharing on Nordic languages

In the extraordinary application round Nordplus emphasizes networking between players in the field of language across the Nordic and Baltic countries. The purpose of the network is to share experiences within the Nordic language and equip the network for granter education projects at future application rounds. In addition, Nordplus Nordic Languages grants funding for the development of teaching materials, new methods and strategies to strengthen language understanding and the organization of conferences, courses or development of publications.

The goal of Nordplus Nordic Languages:

  • To support activities that enhance children's and young people's understanding of language in Nordic languages – mainly Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • To develop materials, methods and strategies to strengthen Nordic language understanding at all levels of the education system.

Projects must support the overall objectives to be considered for grants.

Who can apply

All types of institutions and organizations working with education, can apply for grants through Nordplus Nordic Languages. A precondition for the grant is that the partnership consists of three Nordic and / or Baltic countries. One organization will apply on behalf of the partnership. Please note that individuals cannot apply.

Application deadline

The application deadline is Thursday, 1 October 2015. Applications must be submitted thruogh Nordplus’ electronic application system, Espresso. Note that the application must be written in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. You register and get access to Espresso via the following link: 
Nordplus application system Espresso 

Information meeting 2015

Nordplus will hold a series of information sessions in the fall. Date and place will be advertised on

Project examples from Nordplus Nordic Languages

See projects examples that have received grants for networking and project collaboration through Nordplus Nordic Languages:

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