Nordplus Adult contact seminar on cultural heritage and heritage learning

Nordplus invites you to participate in a Nordplus Adult contact seminar in Östersund, Sweden October 16-18 2018 within the theme of cultural heritage. The deadline for applications has been met.

The contact seminar will provide opportunities for participants to find partner institutions from other Nordic and Baltic countries for future projects and applications.

The seminar seeks to stimulate initiatives within the theme of cultural heritage and heritage learning. More information about the themes and practical issues are found below.


“Through cherishing our cultural heritage, we can discover our diversity and start an inter-cultural conversation about what we have in common. Cultural education helps individuals to develop open-mindedness and perceptiveness, to sharpen the senses, and to support creativity. It can also serve as a powerful tool for social inclusion when working with immigrants, minorities and other vulnerable groups”. (European Year of Cultural Heritage).

Heritage is not only a topic to learn about, but can be used as a tool in our learning process and as a powerful learning environment for the development of various skills and social competences. As such, the theme of cultural heritage and heritage learning opens up for a diversity of project ideas that are welcome in the context of Nordplus Adult. Please keep in mind that all projects idea must involve a pedagogic/educational dimension.

Here are just a few of possible topics and perspectives on the theme:

  • Heritage learning and development of key competences, e.g. learning to learn, social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and cultural awareness and expression
  • Transversal partnerships and collaborations between heritage institutions/providers and educational institutions    
  • Development of rural/traditional skills and crafts in the context of continuing vocational education and training
  • Volunteering                                    
  • Lifelong learning, intergenerational understanding and active ageing                                                        
  • Community building, integration and social inclusion                                
  • Museums and cultural institutions as rich/informal/contextual/situated learning environments.  

The seminar also welcomes other ideas and topics found relevant by the individual institutions within the overall theme of cultural heritage.


The aim of the seminar is find partners for a future Nordplus Adult project, to create project ideas, develop networks and start the planning process for Nordplus Adult projects on cultural heritage and heritage learning.


Adult learning practitioners who are interested in exchanging and developing good practices, methods, materials, tools, pedagogical approaches and/or ways of working in Nordic/Baltic cooperation. The seminar is open to all Nordic and Baltic countries, including the autonomous regions of Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. We expect participants from many different types of organisations involved in adult learning, such as folk high schools, C-VET institutions, museums, archives, homestead associations, study associations, libraries and formal adult education organisations.

35 participants from the Nordic/Baltic countries are estimated to participate, including 5 EPALE ambassadors.


The seminar starts at 4pm on Tuesday 16 October and ends after lunch on Thursday 18 October. Rooms will be booked for you from Tuesday 16 October until lunch on Thursday 18 October.


Heritage museum Jamtli located in Östersund, Sweden, Museiplan, 831 31 Östersund - map


The seminar will include information about Nordplus Adult, EPALE, the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, workshops, networking activities and project development. Support around how to make an application will feature throughout. The programme will also include cultural events.

A detailed programme will be published prior to the event.


The working language will be English.


Participants selected for participation in the semiinar will receive funding for travel and lodging for one person for 2 nights. Board and lodging prepaid by Nordplus and you will receive travel support according to these fixed travel rates:

  • Sweden (in case of domestic travel): 100 €
  • Norway, Finland, Aaland, Denmark: 200 €
  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: 300 €
  • Iceland and Faroe Islands: 500 €
  • Greenland: 1.000 €


For practical questions concerning the seminar please contact main coordinator for Nordplus Adult, Malene Vangdrup at

If you have general questions about Nordplus Adult you may also contact you national contact person – find contact details of national agencies here:


Applicants are to apply via the electronic application form. Applicants are selected on the basis of a motivated description.

Application deadline is Friday September 14 - The deadline for applications has been met.

You will be notified if you have been selected for participation shortly after.

About Nordplus Adult

Nordplus Adult provides € 1.1 million in funding for initiatives within adult learning in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It is open to the whole field of adult learning and education – including formal, non-formal and informal learning, both in the context of general, liberal and vocational education.

The programme works as a catalyst for the development of adult learning through grants for mobility, networks and project collaboration.

Funded initiatives must improve the quality of the training, meet new learner needs or test new organisational forms or teaching methods.

You can find more information about Nordplus on

To-do-list prior to the seminar

  1. You will need to apply by September 14 and confirm your participation by September 21. In case you do not meet the deadline, we may give your spot to a person on the reserve list.
  2. You will be provided with materials, detailed programme, further reading and practical information after you have confirmed your participation. Please, study the programme and the material prior to the seminar.
  3. If you are not yet registered to EPALE, please, do so at least one week before the seminar. In case you have problems registering, contact your National Support Service for EPALE. A virtual Collaborative Space will be created for all participants.
  4. In case you wish to stay extra nights, you will need to arrange your own accommodation.
  5. On Tuesday (arrival day), all the participants are invited to arrange a Nordic Fair with us. This means, that you are encouraged to bring presentations of your organisation and your project idea. You are also invited to bring a cultural artefact from your country/region/town and some typical snacks for the participants to taste.

Each country will have a small stand where you can place your items.

EPALE Ambassadors

The contact seminar will have EPALE ambassadors from Nordplus countries. Part of the seminar will be dedicated to information about EPALE and its possibilities for adult educators.