Notification from the Nordplus administration to Nordplus beneficiaries!

Subject: Fraud alert regarding identity theft aiming at changing bank accounts of project partners

Nordplus main administration would like to warn Nordplus beneficiaries  of identity theft and hacks aiming at transferring funds from the beneficiary/coordinator of the project to a bank account opened by fraudsters to receive the funds destined for a project partner.

Nordplus beneficiaries should be aware that this kind of fraud is unfortunately becoming more frequent. Everybody should thereofor be alert to:

  • Fraudsters tend to use email addresses of the project partners that are very similar, but never identical. For instance: will be changed to Or the name will be identical, but the email provider will be different.
  • There has even been a Nordplus case that the fraudsters have managed to get the E-mail password of a beneficiery. Consequently they were  able to use a correct E-mail address and managed to ask for transfer of substantial amount of money from the project. Make sure that your firewalls are safe and never disclose your password to outside sources.
  • Fraudsters will request that a transfer be made from the beneficiary/coordinator to a new bank account for which they will submit forged documents from a bank showing the name and details of the project partner.
  • When the funds are transferred to the wrong bank account, the funds are immediately withdrawn by the fraudsters, and the funds are lost.

Unfortunately this kind of fraud is occurring regularly. Beneficiaries/coordinators should be informed that it remains the beneficiaries’ responsibility to ensure that they only deal with the identified

contact people of the partner organisations. They should therefore adopt a very critical

approach to correspondence received from the project partners, especially if the aim of

the correspondence is to change the partner organisation’s bank account.

For further information please contact the individual Nordplus administrators.

Andrés Pétursson

Nordplus main coordinator