Now it is possible to apply for funding for projects involving official minority languages in the Nordic Region in Nordplus Nordic Languages

The Nordplus Nordic Languages Programme is one of Nordplus five sub-programs. It is a special programme with the main goal of it being to promote Nordic Languages and culture, inter-Nordic language comprehension, as well as mutual Nordic-Baltic linguistic and cultural understanding.

During the last programme period of 2018-2022 the Nordplus Nordic Languages programme opened up for projects and iniatives involving language teaching for immigrants or refugees in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states. In this new programme period of 2023-2027 the Nordic Council of ministers have decided to add to one of the main objectives of Nordplus to revitalise national minority languages in the Nordic Region for cultural and inclusive purposes. 

The call is now open for applications in all sub-programme and Nordplus Nordic Languages welcomes all applicants and specially those who are working with national minority languages. The deadline is 1st of February 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the program or the application process you are welcome to contact your Nordplus in your country or the main administrator of Nordplus Nordic Languages Eydís Inga Valsdóttir,