Record breaking 2015 Nordplus application round

This year more than 3900 institutions competed for the available Nordplus funds.

The deadline for the Nordplus 2015 application round is up and the numbers are in. This year, the Nordic Council of Ministers has allocated approximately 9,9 million euro for the mobility- and network program. More organisations across the Nordic region have applied for funds than ever before. 3921 organisations have been involved in the application process in 2015, which shows an increase of five percent from 2014. The distribution across individual countries can be viewed in the table below:

Programme   AX DK EE FI FO GL IS LT LV NO SE Total
Nordplus Adult 4 42 66 63 3 2 33 80 97 31 45 466
Nordplus Higher Edu 8 378 105 514 59 50 201 82 79 455 598 2529
Nordplus Horizontal 1 1 37 51 6 5 22 53 19 46 50 327
Nordplus Junior 10 68 55 68 14 11 53 54 78 51 64 526
Nordplus Nordic language                  1 15 1 11 3 4 9 0 0 12 17 73
Total 24 540 264 707 85 72 318 269 273 595 774 3921


More institutions are participating in the Nordic education cooperation 

A total of 605 applications were received from the five Nordplus funding programmes. With a slight decrease from the 643 applications of last year the numbers however, show a strong interest by the amount of institutions involved. More institutions and organisations have joined forces and with 9,9 million euro available, the applied amount exceeds more than 24 million euro. This puts great emphasis on this year's selection process.

Programme No. of applications Applied in EUR
Nordplus Adult 119 4.312.650
Nordplus HE 230 13.072.918
Nordplus Horizontal 47 2.584.045
Nordplus Junior 194 4.253.395
Nordplus Nordic Language 15 671.070
Sum 605 24.894.078

Plan ahead for next year

There is a strong interest in the Nordplus program. If you are thinking on applying next year, we urge you to plan ahead to ensure you and your partner organisations sufficient time to submit the best possible plans and proposals before march 2016. 

Nordplus Handbook:
The Nordplus Handbook is the applicant´s manual to Nordplus. Here you can read all about the possibilities and requirements for Nordplus funding and how to apply.
You find the Handbook on our website here:

National information meetings:
Please be aware of national information meetings in the autumn and make use of guidance from your national Nordplus Office. For national Nordplus office contacts, please visit our website at

Nordplus Junior and Nordplus Adult preparation funding:
If you intend to apply for Nordplus Junior and Adult funding, please also be aware of the possibility for grants for preparatory visits. These can be applied for in autumn with deadline 1 October 2015.  

Looking for partners:
If you are looking for partners for future applications, take a look at the profiles in the Nordplus partner search database. Search and upload your own profile on our website at



The Nordplus Programme offers financial support to a variety of educational cooperations between partners in the area of lifelong learning from the eight participating countries in the Baltic and Nordic regions.

  • Nordplus is the educational programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Nordplus appels to all educational sectors within the education system
  • The program supports mobility and coorperation between the Baltic and Nordic countries. 
  • Allocated funds for 2015 is € 9.973.773
  • Participating countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Aaland Islands  
  • The deadline for submitting proposals to Nordplus of 1 March each year. An additional deadline for applications for preparatory visits to Nordplus Junior and Nordplus Adult is on 1 October each year