Results of the Nordplus 2015 application round

In 2015 more than 3.100 organisations across the Nordic and Baltic countries can now ‘kickstart’ new education projects with funding from Nordplus. For this year’s Nordplus application round 410 out of 605 applications have been granted funding.

The Nordplus application round for 2015 revealed that more organisations across the Nordic region than ever before applied for funds. The programme received 605 applications applying for a total grant of 24, 9 million euro, which is 2.4 times more than available from the overall budget of 10 million euro. 410 applications or 68 percent of the applications have been granted funding.

The educational institutions have been granted funding to strengthen networking, project collaboration, as well as student and teacher mobility in the Baltic and Nordic regions.

The overall number of applications has decreased with six percent compared to the application round of 2014 – yet the number of participating institutions has gone up five percent. This tendency reflects differences between the individual sub-programmes, where some have gone up and some down:

The success rate of each Nordplus sub-programme is high. 

Most programmes have met the applicants fund request. The overall success rate is 68 percent on number of applications, and 40 percent on grants:


Half of the actors involved this year with Nordplus Junior, Nordplus Adult, Nordplus Nordplus Nordic Language, and Nordplus Horizontal are newcomers. Newcomers are all schools, educational institutions and actors that have not participated in any application during the past 3 years – 2012-2014. In Nordplus Higher Education applications are submitted by steady networks thus the level of newcomers is somewhat lower.

Country participation

This year a total of 3.157 organisations are involved in Nordplus education projects, which is an increase of 5 percent compared to last year. So while the number of applications has gone down, the number of organisations applying is up. The overall country participation for all partnerships/networks submitted and selected is:

For more information on the individual applications, visit the Nordplus project database:


The Nordplus Programme offers financial support to a variety of educational cooperations between partners in the area of lifelong learning between the eight participating countries in the Baltic and Nordic regions.

  • The program supports networking, project collaboration and student/teacher mobility between the Baltic and Nordic countries. 
  • Overall programme budget for 2015 is € 10 million
  • Participating countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Aaland Islands  
  • The deadline for submitting proposals to Nordplus of 1 March each year. An additional deadline for applications for preparatory visits to Nordplus Junior and Nordplus Adult is on 1 October each year
  • An extraordinary application round for Nordplus Nordic Languages is 1 October 2015.