Results of the Nordplus 2017 application round

3.115 organisations and educational institutions have been granted funding to begin their Nordplus projects.

3.115 organisations and educational institutions have been granted funding to begin their Nordplus projects. In the application round of March 2017 Nordplus received applications involving a total number of 3.819 organisations involved in 582 applications. 403 applications have been successful and granted funding meaning that the 3.115 organisations involved will now be able to start up their planned activities.

The 582 received applications applied for a total grant of 24,8 million euro which is approximately 2.5 times more than the amount available from the overall budget of 10,2 million euro. 69 percent or 403 of the applications were successful.

The organisations and educational institutions involved in the projects and networks have been granted their funding to strengthen networking, project collaboration, as well as student and teacher mobility in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Below you can see the number of applications and amounts – both received and granted – for each sub-programme in the 2017 application round:

Country participation

This year a total of 3.115 organisations are involved in Nordplus education projects. All countries are represented in all of the programmes and the representation of the countries reflects the relative size of the country’s population. The results for country participation can be seen below:

For more information on the individual applications, please visit the Nordplus Project Database


Ranging from 48 to 68 percent of the actors involved this year with Nordplus Junior, Nordplus Adult, Nordplus Nordic Language and Nordplus Horizontal are newcomers to the programmes. Newcomers are all schools, educational institutions, organisations and other actors that haven’t participated in an application to the Nordplus programme during the past 3 years – 2014-2016. In Nordplus Higher Education applications are submitted by permanent networks of institutions providing a steady framework for new exchanges and project initiatives – and because of this the level of newcomers is somewhat lower in this sub-programme.

Highlight on Integration in 2017-2018

In 2017 and 2018 Nordplus is highlighting the theme of integration in education and therefore encouraging applications aiming at education and training for refugees and immigrants within all educational sectors and for all Nordplus programmes. Applications dealing with integration do not have priority over other themes – but are encouraged due to the current situation with refugees and immigration putting new demands on the Nordic countries and societies.

In the current application round Nordplus received 63 applications dealing with integration and 44 of these have been granted funding – with a total grant amount of 1,2 million euro.

Read more about the theme of integration in education here

Contact Seminar

In November 2016 Nordplus held a common contact seminar where future applicants had the opportunity of meeting partners, discussing ideas for cooperation and begin the planning of projects and applications for the application round of March 2017. 155 people from all sectors and with interest in all programmes participated. 48 applications were received that originated from the contact seminar and 38 of these have been granted funding.

Read more about the contact seminar here


Nordplus offers financial support to a variety of educational cooperations between partners in the area of lifelong learning between the eight participating countries and three autonomous regions in the Baltic and Nordic region.

  • The program supports networking, project collaboration and student/teacher mobility between the Baltic and Nordic countries
  • Overall programme budget for 2017 is 10,2 million euro
  • Participating countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Aaland Islands  
  • The next deadline for submitting proposals to the Nordplus programmes is 1st February 2018