Thank you for talking about Nordplus!

The week has come to an end and we have had the opportunity to share examples of what Nordplus is all about.

We would like to thank you for sending in remarkable stories and information about your projects. It is important to highlight all the good work and the interesting Nordplus projects carried out with support from the programme, and we look forward to showcasing examples from your projects during the next weeks.

Let´s talk about Nordplus is here to stay and we are already thinking about how we can continue the initiative and build on its success next year.

The Nordplus Programme Committee

The Programme Committe and Nordplus staff, on 28 April 2022

The Nordplus Programme Committee met on 28 April in Oslo, and this was the first meeting in person after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

At the meeting the Nordplus funding was allocated for all programmes. In addition, the committee discussed the development of each sub-programme and Nordplus as a whole.

The Programme Committee comprises 16 members nominated by relevant ministries in the participating countries. The members are appointed by the participating countries - two from each of the Nordic and Baltic countries - and the three autonomous regions have two participating observer each. 

We hope that everybody is talking about Nordplus and we look forward to future cooperation.