Post-modern relationships between dance and music

The Nordplus Higher Education network Explorations and Collaboration in the Arts (ECA) gathered over 70 university dance, music and film students from the Baltic and Nordic countries in Copenhagen to explore the idea of collaboration in dance and music. The results of the workshop are now available as a short documentary film – shot by students participating in the project.

How it all began

The ECA network is dedicated to developing innovative interdisciplinary course currucula between various university level art education programmes.

In 2004, a group of university dance and music pedagogues from Finland, Sweden and Denmark travelled to London for an "exchange of expertise" with British colleagues. This exchange was supported by the European Programme for Vocational Education and Training, Leonardo da Vinci, and stimulated by the experiences with this programme, the ECA network originated.

The network offers teacher and student mobility between the partner institutions, and also offers intensive courses where dance and music students have the opportunity to explore both creative studies and each other 's art forms.

Today the ECA network consists of 17 art institutions from all Nordic and Baltic countries as well as from Greenland.

Post-modern relationships between dance and music

The network 's dance and music artist-teachers have repeatedly created and developed important intensive courses which have inspired actions that both students ans teachers are able to explore further through mobility activities.

One of these intensive courses was the workshop "Post-Modern relationships between Dance and Music", which focused on the meeting point between dance, music and film. More than 70 university dance, music and film students and teachers from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania gathered in Copenhagen to explore the collaborative relationship between dance and music in the Post-Modern period of the arts, as well as creative film documentation.

The entire workshop was shot as a short documentary film by a group of film / media students from Iceland, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. This intensive course aimed to be an innovative cross-disciplinary arts education bringing together diverse creative points of view, as well as multi-professional teamwork.

The film, "Motion Emotion - 7 days in Copenhagen", can be seen by following this link.