Follow-up and reporting

All parties receiving funding from Nordplus must submit a final report no later than 30 days after expiry of the project period. The final report must be submitted electronically via Espresso. You must use the same login and password used in connection with the application. The final report is divided into a contents section and a financial section. The financial report must be authorised by the finance unit of the institution or organisation. Among other things, the final report must answer questions concerning how the activities were carried out, how the results were obtained and how the grant was used.


Documentation of realised activities is not to be included in the final report, but all documentation from all participating organisations must be collected by the coordinating entity and retained by the coordinating entity for at least five years after approval of the final report, in case an audit is conducted. Nordplus project coordinators must be prepared for follow-up visits, including audits, from Nordplus.