Introduction to Nordplus

Each year, Nordplus awards around 9,8 million euro in funding for mobility, projects, and networks. Nordplus is a mobility and network programme for education in the Nordic and Baltic countries, including the autonomous regions of Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Nordplus is the largest educational programme within the Nordic Council of Ministers and funded by the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Nordplus consists of five sub-programmes:

Nordplus Junior

  • for preschools, primary and lower secondary schools, cultural schools, general and vocational upper secondary schools and apprenticeship programmes, school authorities and the public and private organisations/institutions involved in the area of school education.

Nordplus Higher Education

  • for public and private institutions of higher education.

Nordplus Adult

  • for all organisations and institutions involved in adult education and learning.

Nordplus Horizontal

  • for all organisations and institutions involved in education and lifelong learning across sectors.

Nordplus Nordic Languages

  • for all organisations and institutions interested and involved in Nordic languages within all fields of education.