Introduction to Nordplus Adult

Nordplus Adult includes all parts of adult learning – formal, non-formal and informal learning, whether in the context of general, liberal or vocational education in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
The programme should be a catalyst for the development of the sector through grants for mobility, establishment of networks and project collaboration. It is crucial that a project involves organisations with knowledge, expertise and experience that can be of mutual benefit in the partnership.

The programme supports initiatives that improve the quality of adult education and learning, meet new learner needs or test new organisational forms and teaching methods. In practice, the programme is open to a wide range of themes and subject areas. Most importantly, each partnership should be based on the current challenges and needs that adult education institutions and organisations face in their daily work.

Examples of themes that can be addressed are key competences and basic skills, validation and recognition of prior learning, link and transition between education and the labour market – e.g. work-based learning, up-skilling, re-training and entrepreneurship. Initiatives can also focus on current societal challenges such as green transition and sustainable development, digitalisation,
integration, inclusion, health, democracy and active citizenship. The programme also supports initiatives targeted at vulnerable and marginalised adults – e.g. learners with special needs, senior citizens, refugees/migrants and the unemployed. Other themes are also welcome – what is important is that the initiative derives from a specific development need within the partnership.