Introduction to Nordplus Higher Education

Nordplus Higher Education awards grants to higher education cooper­ation with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and other actors in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as the autonomous regions of the Far­oe Islands, Greenland and Åland. Grants may be awarded for networking activities, intensive courses, joint study programmes, development pro­jects and mobility of students and academic staff.

The goal is to enhance the collaboration between the actors within higher education and with working life. The dissemination of good praxis and innovative results is important. The programme supports also academic mobility and work placements of high quality.

The cooperation can revolve around mobility for individual students and academic staff, intensive courses, de­velopment projects, joint study programmes or networking activities. It can include all subject areas and deal with themes that the actors find relevant. Usually the themes are subject related but the cooperation can also address overarching themes such as education and the working life, entrepreneurship, digitalisation, sustainable development, democracy or e.g. integration.