A Gigantic Music Network Binds the Baltic and Nordic Regions Together

The Sibelius Network makes smaller conservatoires bigger and creates new dynamics and innovation in the most traditional conservatoires in the Nordic and Baltic countries. A network for everyone – with 25 years of common history.

How Do We Make the Natural Sciences More Interesting?

Two high schools in Latvia and Sweden cooperated on a Nordplus project to improve the teaching of the natural sciences in both countries. It opened their eyes to what they do – both the good and the bad.

Empowerment by Employment

Video CVs and conferences for employers who hire disabled people – those are examples of new methods, which institutions from four nations have utilised in their work in securing the disabled a job.

Seaweed is turning into food and networking

When the Álka-network opens the doors to their new projects there is great demand for the seats among the students studying to become teachers in the Nordic countries. The latest project was about algae, its health benefits and the positive impact on the climate.

Done on the labour market or an asset for society?

Icelanders between 55-64 years of age are far more hardworking than the corresponding age groups in the Baltic countries and Finland. This is the conclusion of a Nordplus project which has looked into incentives and attitudes towards work and further education.

It is fun to produce textbooks – if they are Nordic and online

The children love it. It is fun, it is cheap, and both teachers and headmasters view it as welcomed further education. A Nordplus project with small online textbooks about the Nordic Region is a big hit.

Joyful Reading became an experience for life

Teenagers from four different countries have made a computer game for literacy training – and it works. Nevertheless, the most important outcomes were the multicultural meeting and the new friends made.

Teachers of bilingual students cooperate on educational aids

Adult students, who have to learn a Nordic language, are facing almost the same challenges as their teachers. This common challenge resulted in a Nordplus project and the outcome was improved teaching material and higher competencies.

NORTEAS network internationalizing arts students

NORTEAS is a network of Nordic and Baltic theatre and dance institutions of higher education. The network has a long history in working together and includes partners from all the Nordic countries as well as from Estonia and Lithuania. The large size of the network enables taking turns in coordination and allows flexibility for participating in activities and enables the participating universities to explore new perspectives.

Cooperation for developing Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry among students

The project creates opportunities to popularise science education and interest in Sciences among the students and to strive towards achieving better results in these subjects. The highlight of the project is a large international Olympiad in mathematics, physics and chemistry, which is organised between the partner school students and involves more than 100 students and teachers all together.