Identification of Sexual Abuse and Violence

The main idea of the project is to tackle the problem by relying on the good practices of Norway, adapt and implement the programme for the prevention of violence and sexual abuse of children.

Promoting outdoor learning – a network for nature schools

The project is aimed at encouraging nature schools around the Baltic region, with different traditions, to learn from each other.

Mathematics – Important Knowledge at Any Age

The Latvian association “NGO Education Innovations Transfer Centre” has just closed a significant NORDPLUS Adult Education Project “Cooperation to Strengthen Citizens’ Math Skills in the Context of Sustainable Development and Welfare (MathPro)”. The association unites the participants of educational process of all levels – teachers, high school teaching staff, pedagogues of formal and informal adult education, students of educational science, researchers, as well as students of all educational levels and their parents. One of the main aims of association’s activity is to carry out research, to provide recommendations, and to support creative and research projects in the field of education development, thus promoting the implementation and transfer of education innovations. 

A New Development Direction in Tourism Industry in Latvia and Scandinavia

TURID is an interdisciplinary network of the Nordic-Baltic region, comprising seven higher educational institutions from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Latvia with an aim of promoting the practical experience of students within the framework of bachelor and master study programmes in such fields as sports, health, tourism and gastronomy. 

TURID – Promoting Higher Education in “Turism, Idrott och Kultur”

TURID is an interdisciplinary network in the Nordic-Baltic Region between seven higher educational institutions (HEIs) and their various study programs in sport and health promotion, tourism, gastronomy and experience production either on bachelor or master level.

Building with straws and clay is back for good

In Nordic and Baltic countries constructing with natural material is getting more fashionable but there is a notable lack of skills. Through the Nordplus Adult-project “Experiences of Sustainable Building“, Säästvad Ehituslahendused LLC from Estonia is carrying out joint development work within adult learning in the field of natural building.

Teaching creativity and thinking

The Nordplus project – ”Creativity and thinking skills within a training process” aims at giving teachers the right tools to help students develop their creativity and thinking skills.

UFOs and dark matter – paranormal internationalism in Estonia

The KUNO network promotes cooperation, exchange and professional debate within highert art education in the Nordic-Baltic region. One of the many projects of the network has been to analyze the fascination of the paranormal at different levels. What is the role of the paranormal and "otherworldly" in today’s society?

Post-modern relationships between dance and music

The Nordplus Higher Education network Explorations and Collaboration in the Arts (ECA) gathered over 70 university dance, music and film students from the Baltic and Nordic countries in Copenhagen to explore the idea of collaboration in dance and music. The results of the workshop are now available as a short documentary film – shot by students participating in the project.

Still active

Through intercultural learning activities, senior citizens in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden was encouraged to interact with others by sharing cultural heritage and life experiences – both on a virtual platform and during face-to-face meetings.